Speech to Text Conversion (Basic)


One of the quickest ways to get your story down, especially for those who are not the quickest at typing is to get their story / ideas down by dictation, by whatever means.

We offer an audio transcription service to convert these recording into written text to enable you to get you closer to a real book without the hours of endless typing, which don't suit everybody.

Obviously the Transcript quality depends on the audio quality supplied.

Ideally Record clear audio to get accurate transcripts. Good Audio usually consists of: Little background noise; Clear speaker(s); Minimal accents and therefore Results: 90-95% Accuracy

Alternatively Difficult Audio would consist of: Heavy background noise, Strong accents and could result in a near unusable text.

Our basic conversion process will result in a straight conversion, that most likely will fall somewhere in between those two scenarios, but ultimately save a lot of time in the development process.