B Format Template (Commercial Printing)


B-Format books are probably the most widely circulated in the UK, being the industry standard for most paperback fiction. If you’re unsure about which size to choose for your book, B-Format is a pretty safe bet.

You’ll see this stocked widely across both physical and online bookstores, and most print-on-demand sites will feature the B-Format as one of their recommended sizes for self-publishers.

The term B-format indicates a medium-sized paperback of 129 mm × 198 mm ( 51⁄8 in × 73⁄4 in). This size has been used to distinguish literary novels from genre fiction. [2]

Our templates are based upon a winning formula, the same ones used for books which have sold in their thousands and obtained three figure reviews.

They come pre-prepared with content instructions, page numbering etc. etc. to help you achieve your final outcome without veering off-track.