The Bangkok Cowboys by Alexander Lewis


A tale based on true events. The Bangkok Cowboys is a gritty, straight talking tale based on true events with dashes of unique northern humour in parts, bringing to life the astonishing journey of two working class men told by the writer in their own words, how they struggled working the streets in the rag trade throughout the North East of England. After them being held down by higher forces, they eventually get the break in the used-clothing industry using their wits and determination and become successful exporters into Eastern Europe. Striking up a friendship with their new Eastern European buyers, they soon realise that things are not all that they seem, and they are foolishly drawn into the paranoid world of trafficking cocaine out of England. Being overwhelmed by their new found wealth takes them on a path to the hedonistic world of Thailand’s red light districts, believing Thailand was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; their minds become blurred from the true reality of life. They then team up with an ex-Liverpool bouncer living in Bangkok, for their most daring plan of the whole operation, maybe thinking they were untouchable or they walked on water, they entered the corrupt world of Thailand. As always, in Thailand, money is number one to the Thais; this causing a dramatic showdown with the corrupt Thai police for an ending packed with suspense and betrayal showing Thailand’s corruption at its best.