Slang by Steve Tully / Reg Kray (3rd Edition - Souvenir Book)

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NOTE: 10% of all sales from this publication will be donated to the Ley Community based in Oxford, a charity that supports young offenders.

REGGIE KRAY is in Parkhurst Prison, one of England’s top security jails. He is serving a life sentence for one gang land murder with a recommendation to complete thirty years. He has been in prison now for sixteen gruelling years and is still on the ‘A’ list (that means only a handful of picked people can go visit him). In my opinion this is cruelty not punishments, because I know if they blew a hole in the wall Reg would not bother to escape, he’s done far too long and would not ruin whatever slight chance he had of being paroled in the near future. Reg has always been interested in words that’s why a dictionary is always in easy reach so he can look up any word that is new to him. Reg passes most of his time writing and rarely looks at the television, but on one rare occasion when Reg and his best friend Steve Tully did watch television they both noticed a lot of slang had crept into the English and American scripts. This gave them the idea to write this book “SLANG”, so ordinary English and American people could understand the slang phrases used by the underworld characters in television programmes, i.e. ‘Minder’, ‘The Professionals’ and American gangster films etc. This book will be invaluable to directors and scriptwriters, on both sides of the Atlantic who are engaged in making such films..

Reg hopes this book will help to enlighten all who read it and thanks his best friend Steve Tully without whose help this book could never have been printed.

Highly collectible and going for anywhere up to £100 (original cover price £1.50). Slang the book put together by Steve Tully / Reg Kray during their time in Parkhurst is being re-issued with some minor amendments, but with the retention of the original's 'souvenir' feel and an initial run of only 250 copies.

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The new cover will also feature a specifically commissioned oil paint re-make of the original sobbing Clown cover, with an added twist for the rear cover, by portrait artist 'Charles F B L DeLaFeld'. Check out his page below to see his work: