Once Upon a Time in Teesside by Jamie Boyle (PRE-ORDER NOV 7th 2020)


Once Upon a Time in Teesside: The Duffer & The Taxman

ISBN 978-1-912543-36-6

Available to Pre-order now.Due approx. 7th November 2020

Many children's stories start with, 'Once Upon A Time' because it's a tall story. Those stories are fabricated, made up if you will.

'Once Upon A Time In Teesside' is the true story of Brian Cockerill (The Taxman) and Lee Duffy (The Duffer) and their antics back in the early 90's in Teesside.

"I MUST warn you all though, this wasn't big, glamorous or cool. That lifestyle only ends up two ways and that's either dead or doing a life sentence, so god only knows why I'm still here." Brian Cockerill