The Blood Moon - Lee Duffy II


Lee Duffy - 'The Blood Moon' (Paperback) 

Follow up to the Amazon Best Seller 'The Whole of The Moon' by Jamie Boyle

'Lee Duffy 2' - The Blood Moon is the sequel to the Amazon best seller The Whole of the Moon also written by Jamie Boyle. This final Lee Duffy book takes a look at Lee's Tyneside links as well as more tales fromTeesside. This time and for the first time we hear from a Police Officer on what it was like to be a serving officer in Lee's era and school friends of Lee's who tell us how he was as a schoolboy. Love him or hate him he's still being spoken of to this day! Foreword by Stephen Sayers.

Follow up to the Amazon Best Seller 'Lee Duffy - The Whole of The Moon'

"Every precious dream and vision - Underneath the stars, yes, you climbed on the ladder, With the wind in your sails. You came like a comet, Blazing your trail too high, Too far, Too soon, You saw the Whole of The Moon..."

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ISBN: 978-1-912543-23-6

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