Into The Light: Dominic Negus


Into The Light: Dominic Negus

Following on from 'Out of the Shadows', Into The Light tells the continued story of Dominic's life, the up's and downs and his eventual harmony.

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Dominic Negus appeared in Danny Dyer's Deadliest, Sseason 1, Episode 7.

He became involved in the east end criminal underworld, from debt collecting and body guarding, to kidnapping and armed robbery.

A world champion in both the professional and unlicensed circuits, Dominic made headlines after infamously head butting Audley Harrison when the pair clashed at Wembley.

Dominic has an impressive ring record against some of the toughest guys in boxing but he has also lived a violent lifestyle outside the ring and has been arrested in connection with an armed kidnapping.

But what goes around comes around. Dominic was to find that out to his cost when three masked men burst into the changing room at the gym where he had been working out. While one of the men pointed a gun at Dominic's trainer, the others set about Dominic with an axe inflicting life-threatening injuries. The attack was the turning point for Dominic and now he claims he has turned his back on his violent lifestyle.

Can a man with a violent reputation like Dominic really become a 'respectable' member of society? He's determined to try but, for someone who has lived life in the shadows for so long, only time will really tell. This is his amazing story.

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