Gaol Hawk: Forged in Sheffield


Gaol Hawk: Forged in Sheffield

Clyde Broughton's story with Rob Brenton

ISBN: 978-1-912543-04-5

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'One of the Strongest Kids Yorkshire has produced’ – Paul Sykes on Clyde Broughton

1920s Sheffield was so infested with gangs that it was nicknamed ‘Little Chicago’. In 1937 George Orwell wrote: "Sheffield, could justly claim to be the ugliest town in the Old World."

Cut to Hillsborough 1960 and a new breed of criminal, Clyde Broughton, is born into the ‘’Steel City’. An early start in petty crime, led to time at Borstal, football trials at ‘Wednesday’ and an apprenticeship in crime with the notorious Dave Lee. Robbery with violence, burglary and run-ins with his arch nemeses in CID and the infamous Judge Pickles, eventually resulted in a hefty sentence behind bars.

Clyde’s story sees him travel through the UK prison system, where he meets some of the country’s most revered faces, including 54 days solitary in Wakefield Prison with the infamous Bobby Maudsley.

Gaol Hawk includes other tales, some humorous, from along the way, including his long time friendship with Heavyweight Boxer Paul Sykes, trouble at the local Gypsy Camp, a life changing Machete attack and an organised hustle filmed by documentary makers entitled ‘Smoking with The Hawk’.

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