Further Agony: One More Round With Sykes by Jamie Boyle


Further Agony: One More Round With Sykes 

ISBN: 978-0-9955312-6-0

The sequel to the Amazon best seller ‘Unfinished Agony’ The 3rd and final book on the wild man of Wakefield Paul Sykes. 

“I have never wasted a day while I have been in the nick – I have life-saving awards, a City and Guilds in bricklaying, 22 ‘O’ Levels, 8 ‘A’ Levels and a degree, but I also have 42 previous convictions and that is all that counts” Paul Sykes.

Further Agony includes chapters from: Delroy Showers; Davy Dunford; Josie Threlfall; Chris Lambrianou; Harry Lakes; Reg Long; Dave Owens; Neil Atkinson; Janet Sellers; John Purvis; Tom Kiely; Colin Hart; Lance Jackson; Alan Lord; Clyde Broughton; Mark Sellers; Alan Brown; Mark Szedzielarz; Kenny Williams; Tommy Harrison; David Flint; Wes Bostock; Simon Ambler; Ricky Wright-Colquhoun; Tracy Thompson; Andy Hammond; Shaun First; Janet; Danny Leach; Julie Abott; Gary Mills; Imran Hussain; Lee Daniels; Dean Ormston; Wakefield Police Officer.

Paul Sykes from Lupset near Wakefield, died aged 60 in Pinderfield’s Hospital from Pneumonia & Cirrhosis of the Liver. He fought for the British & Commonwealth Heavyweight Boxing Titles, wrote the award-winning book ‘Sweet Agony’ and by the age of 44 he had spent 21 out of 26 years in 18 prisons!

On the tenth anniversary of Paul’s death I released ‘Sykes-Unfinished Agony’,which went on to be a best seller on Amazon and was a collection of fifty different interviews from people who knew Paul.

I was contacted by so many people about Paul but there had to be deadline for the first book and for various reasons I couldn’t get to everybody who wanted to share their memories of him, good, bad or indifferent. This played on my mind, there were some gritty stories that I just couldn’t leave untold and when Paul’s closest friend, Delroy Showers and other infamous names such as Chris Lambrianou agreed to give me interviews, I just couldn’t leave it there so, I just had to write another book.

Sykes – Further Agony is released six months to the day after the first book and it is really a continuation of it, with more fascinating tales, some comical, others horrifying but all of them true accounts from the people who really knew Paul throughout different periods of his life.

I hope you enjoy the further tales of a Yorkshire tyke.

RIP Paul Sykes (23.05.1944 – 07.03.2007)
Written by Jamie Boyle.