Dodger: Pupil of the Krays by Steve Tully (Paperback)


ISBN: 978-0-9955312-0-8

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Local Hove resident Steve ‘Dodger’ Tully is a Brighton-born former professional criminal who met Reg Kray in Parkhurst prison in 1983, becoming his ‘pupil’ during the next three and half years and forming an extremely close bond with all three Kray brothers that was to last 17 years until Reg’s death in 2000.

A lot of people you meet in bars in Brighton and East London say they were friends of the Krays but most of them can be taken with a pinch of salt. Not Steve though - as a mark of how close he was to Reg and Ron, the Kray twins presented Steve with an amethyst ring and necklace just like the ones they wore themselves, with Reg declaring he was now, “one of the family.”

Steve learned a lot from Reg inside prison and on the outside, was acquitted many times at some of the highest profile Old Bailey cases of the 1980's and 90's.

However it was his final prison term that eventually helped him turn his back on crime when he was diagnosed with acute psychopathy at the late age of 45. It was this diagnosis that was to lead Steve into some of the most difficult – yet enlightening – years of his life undergoing deep psychotherapy which helped him make sense of his chaotic life, and start to realise that for most people crime does not pay in the long term.

 Steve, now 58, has written his story to try and help the many thousands of young men and women who are needlessly starting a life of crime, or entering the criminal justice system, simply because they are not given the opportunity to have their mental conditions diagnosed or treated.

This is a truly gripping book - a fascinating story that everybody with an interest in crime and Brighton should read.

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Cover Art by UK portrait artist 'Charles F B L DeLaFeld'. Check out his page below to see his work on Facebook:

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