Bob & Dave: ‘Teesside... If the boot fits’ by Dave Taylor / Jamie Boyle (Paperback)


The Teesside parody / comedy story of the year!

ISBN: 978-1-912543-33-5

‘If The Boot Fits’ is a story of two young men, one from Thorntree, the other from Normanby and how they became to own the town of Middlesbrough and everything in it. The myth, the legend and the folklore stories will be embedded in Teesside history fifty years from now and all your grandchildren will know the names of Bob & Dave. Please believe me though folks, whatever you’ve heard about them on the criminal grapevine their actual story is far scarier. Lee Duffy used to stand all night opening doors for Bob in the Blues, Brian Cockerill made himself a recluse and the all-time hide and seek champion for over a decade because he owed Dave a score, Viv Graham put himself in jail to escape the gruesome pair in 1989 and Terry Dicko’s illegal nightclub The Steampacket only closed in 2003 on Bob’s orders, not Cleveland police’s orders as its largely believed.

‘Teesside... If the boot fits’