An Expert At Violence: Paul Sykes (Preorder 2021 - TBC)


‘I’m an expert at violence, I’ve been at it all me’ life.’

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Between 1962 and 1985 Paul Sykes was convicted twice of wounding with intent, twice of robbery, once with violence, five times of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, once of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm, more than once of assaulting police and prison officers and things continued to go downhill from there.

At one time, his ability in the Boxing ring seemed to offer him a chance to break the cycle of crime. At the age of 30 in 1978; he became a professional boxer and eventually fought for the British heavy-weight title. But it did not stop him returning to crime and being imprisoned once again.

‘An Expert in Violence’ is the first book to make a chronological account of Sykes violent life, covering; growing up, in the nick, in the ring and his inevitable demise.