A Stiff Sentence: The Memoirs of a Sex Drug Smuggler by John Keenan


ISBN: 978-0-9955312-1-5

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*** All copies of 'A Stiff Sentence' are signed personally, to the buyer, by the author John Keenan. ***

Meet John Keenan: just your average hardworking entrepreneur faced with the daily gind of earning himself a few bob. A man who always had opportunity knocking at his door - unless it was the police instead.

But after elevating himself to the financial big-leagues only to be brought to near-ruin by the collapse of the dot-com bubble, it would be in the unlikely setting of a faraway Mumbai market that John Keenan would discover his ultimate opportunity - and perhaps his ultimate downfall.

Just an obscure patent-medicine and a tiny loophole in British law were the only things that this more-than average entrepreneur would need to create a vast and complex smuggling operation that would bring him wealth beyond his wildest dreams - and consequences beyond his worst nightmares.

In this gripping, and unflinchingly candid true story, an ordinary man with extraordinary ambitions takes us on a breathtaking and revealing journey through his chaotic life; uncovering everything from India's seamy sexual underbelly to corruption amongst the very guardians of British law itself. There's even time for a spot of porridge along the way. But even in the confines of prison, a hardworking entrepreneur might still find ways of earning a few bob ...

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