The Whole of The Moon: Lee Duffy



ISBN 978-1-912543-07-6

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A book which has taken over 25 years to arrive. The definitive story of the man who held an eight year reign of terror over the town of Middlesbrough.

Containing many first hand and previously unheard accounts from some of Duffy’s closest friends and associates, this book will finally confirm who the man was and what he was really all about.

No stone will be left unturned and this book will not shy away from controversy, but will aim to provide an unbiased and balanced view on the ‘Boro icon .

Make no mistake, this will be the definitive book on Lee Duffy, there will be no more ‘ifs’ and ’buts after its release.

From the author of the best selling Paul Sykes books ’Unfinished Agony’ and ‘Further Agony’ Jamie Boyle.

ISBN 978-1-912543-07-6

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 This book is a MUST READ for anyone wanting to know the truth about Lee Duffy. (S Smith)

3 August 2018(Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase)
I downloaded this book upon release at midnight and sat up all night and read the lot as I simply could not put it down. Anyone around in the time of Lee Duffy will have certainly heard of him, there's plenty documented about one side of him that I don't need to go into here, but this book reveals so much more about the man as a whole. There was another side to Lee that has never really been properly documented until now, and the author has certainly done that in a fair, balanced and respectful way with this book. The well known stories are all there, warts and all, and plenty of lesser known stories from people that properly knew Lee from way back, in what seems like a total different time/way of living to how things are now. Some of it is harrowing, some funny, some shocking, but it's all there for the reader to make up their own mind. I am sure this book will change some peoples perceptions of him or at least certainly understand why he did some of the things that he did. Well done Jamie, congratulations on the book, it was well worth the wait.

A very good book (Jacko The Monkey)
3 August 2018 (Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase)
Great book on a notorious fella from Teesside,,Written i the same way as Jamie's books on Paul Sykes you hear the Good,Bad & Ugly from people who knew him...Well done look forward to your next book