A Cut Above the Rest: The Cliff Field Story (Paperback - Ultra Rare)


FOREWORD By Roy 'Pretty Boy' Shaw The Original Guvnor I'm honoured to be asked to write the foreword about such a special fighter and humble man. People often ask me, "Roy, who was the real Guv'nor, you or Lenny Mclean? They usually end up confused because I always reply Cliff Field! Lenny Mclean wouldn't come into it because he was knocked spark out by Cliff twice! For the size of the man, Cliff had hand speed like a middleweight; nobody on the unlicensed scene could have lasted with Cliff. Myself & my great pal Tel Currie visited Cliff a few times in recent years and he wanted me to sign a photo for him. I signed it 'To the REAL Guv'nor!' I shall tell you something, I would never have fought Cliff, mainly because he was just too big but he didn't move like a heavyweight but he certainly punched like one. He would have destroyed all the unlicensed fighters of that time. Some real idiots have claimed to be the best unlicensed fighter of that time but the fact is Cliff was the man! He has not been in the best of health lately but I'm sure that warrior spirit will bring him through. Enjoy the book; it's about time the great man's book was written. Respect Roy 'Pretty Boy' Shaw.


* Used but in good condition, as expected for this ultra rare item