Where did the WarCry Logo come from?

Posted by Rob Brenton on

None other than the 'Urbane Guerilla' Brian Lewis of Pontefract. The Sketch was part of Brian's training in the run up to his 70th Birthday Celebration, involving him producing a thousand drawings in one day. Anyway in return for a copy of John Keenan's - A Stiff Sentence, Brian gave us the pick of the litter of his sketches and the WarCry Logo was born.

At the end of November, about a fortnight, before the date when the 1000 drawings should be completed we discovered that the USA coffee shop Starbucks was paying an insignificant amount of UK corporation tax, a few millions rather than £3.8 billions.

Since the time when I squatted outside the Hepwoth on the day it opened to draw attention to the cost of the gallery and its cultural irrelevance, I have felt that the artist and writer has a role as an urbane guerrilla who objects to injustice. I therefore drew a number of drawings.

The earliest showed men spewing into cofee cups with the legend, ‘Starbucks do not pay taxes so vomit into the coffee cup. Later ones took as their inspiration the company logo,a stylised woman with long hair wearing a crown.

On 2 December I went into Leeds and drew outside a couple of Starbucks outlets in Leeds, recorded the image on my iPad and distributed some photocopies of the drawings to Starbuck customers.

Who is Brian Lewis?  http://www.pontefractpress.com/team.htm#brian


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