The Return of Sweet Agony (2017 Re-issue) ....

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Original published in 1990 Paul Sykes book Sweet Agony penned whilst in Prison became highly collectible, the re-publishing some years later in 2016, in a similar vane to the original the book, saw a renewed interest in Paul's story. We are pleased to announce the book is being re-vamped and will be re-issued for 2017 and some what in the style of the old boxing promo posters matchmaker's, such as Alex Steene, used to print. The recreated cover of the book has been put together by Artist / Designer James Ryan Foreman, the person responsible for the iconic sketch used on the 2016 version. It is available to pre-order now for around the 31st May 2017. 

HMP Durham, 1977. With yet another stretch inside almost over, Paul Sykes readies himself for release with a warm cup of tea in his cell. 3 years, it wasn’t his rst time inside, nor would it be his last. Notorious amongst the screws, he’d become well accustomed to the prison way of life. Though it was easy, he’d had enough of being locked up with the drips, cornflakes and lumps of wood surrounding him, after all, there’s only so many people you can bash. Paul had always had a talent for fighting, it was a talent that invariably got him into trouble. Still, this time would be different, this time he had prospects. At nearly 30 he was the age most boxers retire, but that mattered little to Paul. A professional boxing career was a real shot at greatness, professional violence, he wasn’t about to let it pass him by.


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