Steve Tully's book 'Dodger' featured in Bighton & Hove's The Argus

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Steve Tully's book featured in an article in The Argus, Brighton and Hove Albion's local rag ...

Ex-criminal tells of life with Krays

Book urges youngsters to stay out of trouble.

by Gareth Davies, Senior Reporter (

A FORMER protege of Reggie Kray has published a book telling his story from Brighton delinquent to being inside with the notorious Eastend gangster.

Steve Tuly from Hove, will release his story Dodger - a nickname Kray gave him when the pair were imprisoned together at Parkhurst - having turned his back on the criminal world.

The book covers Steve's early days in Brighton which led him to prison via borstal.

It talks of his time inside and outside with the Kray Twins, making £1.5 million in 5 years in London and being diagnosed with a psycopathic personality disorder after a botched robbery in Suffolk.

He said "Obviously first and foremost, my hopes are that the book will be commercially successful and anything that comes from that.

"But it is also important to point out that the book does send out a loud and clear message to the youth of today that a criminal life is not a glamorous life and I am hoping that this message will get across to some of the young in a bid to make them think twice."

Steve will launch the book at the Blind Beggar pub in Whitechapel, where Ronnie Kray famously gunned down George Cornell in 1966.

It will be a grizzly reminder of Steve's past but one that is firmly behind him now after settling on the straight and narrow in Hove.

He said "Now that I have come out of the life, I spend my time reading and writing. Watch this space for my next project.

"I like to walk along the seafront, spend time with my girlfriend or go out for a quiet drink with my friends.

"Life is certainly different with this peace.

"I do think though that with the release of the book life could easily become far more hectic but in the right way. I don't mind as I relish the thought of being active once again."

The London launch is on July 30 and he plans a second launch party in Brighton and Hove.


Hove resident Steve "Dodger" Tully is a Brighton-born former professional criminal who met Reggie Kray in Parkhurst prison in 1983. He became his "pupil" duing the next three and half years and formed a close bond with all three Kray brothers that was to last 17 years until Reggie's death in 2000.

Steve, now 57, has written his story to try and help young men and women who may be embarking on a life of crime or entering the criminal justice system simply because they are not given the opportunity to have their mental conditions diagnosed or treated.

The book is available at Warcry Press: 

Steve Tully, right, with the Slang 'Crying Clown' Art Work with Artist Charles De Lafeld



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