Latest Project: Smoking with The Hawk

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Clyde Broughton, Wybourn, Sheffield ....

Notorious Jailbird, Champion Power Lifter & Pool Hustler from the Steel City.

Having spent time inside with some of the UK's most notorious faces (Charles Bronson, Charlie Richardson ... the list goes on) and a close friend of Heavyweight Boxer Paul Sykes, Clyde has a few stories to tell, both inside and out.

His involvement in one or two scams / scrapes on the out have had some consequences, not least surviving a serious Machete attack in 2002, making him tough / wise beyond his years.

Clyde has also featured in numerous documentaries on the tougher side to Sheffield's Estate Life over the years, including Smoking with The Hawk and Yorkshire Television's First Tuesday.

The stories will come trust us ...

Watch the Documentary below to find out more ...

Part 1:

Part 2:

and keep an eye on this page for excerpts from the book as it develops.


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