The Resurrection: Brian Cockerill By Jamie Boyle


The Resurection: Brian Cockerill

By Jamie Boyle

ISBN: 9781912543298

Brian Cockerill was once a brutal gangland enforcer who climbed the criminal ladder taxing drug dealers for fun. A 6ft 3, 24 stone man mountain with the freakish strength of a gorilla, Brian was linked with and fought some of the hardest men in England.

Brian started taking the drugs he was taxing which led to many years of addiction, depression and anxiety that cost him everything he had but his home. The 'Taxman' who had made thousands ended up broke and a recluse. Brian finally started to turn his life around in 2019 and has now started to put his efforts into educating youngsters on the importance of how not to live a life of crime.

The Resurrection of Brian Cockerill is the hard hitting, brutally truthful story of regret and repentance and Brian's journey from the dark to the light.