The Ink Run - A Novel Vigilante (Hardback)


ISBN: 978-0-9955312-3-9

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OTISS is an abused child, physically & mentally tortured for years in the home by his sadistic parents. His Father STAN plots an elaborate alibi enabling him to set up the boy for the murder of his own Mother. A trial of sorts, hanging on the basis of a defense of automatism( murder when sleepwalking) sees a detainment to the FABERON institution for the criminal insane. In this cloudy pond, where the staff are every bit as dangerous & disturbed as the patients. Young OTISS is placed on a wing funded as a trial by the Government which uses olden day methods from centuries past to cure madness. Eventually released a decade later as an even more tortured soul, he sets up THE VILLAGE EYE pub as a front to his real nocturnal activities of being a VIGILANTE. Warning beatings on the scum of the village soon becomes tiresome as he reaches new limits of retribution. Still traumatized from youth, will he find the courage to finally confront STAN? You cant truly escape your blood lines DNA as fatal mistakes see a familiar face from the INSTITUTION reveal that our main protagonist has not been the only one keeping the VIGIL & upping the ANTE.

Pages: 704

About the Author ....

DALE BRENDAN HYDE was born in Salford in 1974, yet has lived most of his life in the City of Wakefield West Yorkshire. A troubled life throughout his teens crescendoed in a lengthy prison sentence for robbery. Upon release a mixture of attending college to retake failed schooling & continued trouble with the police & high courts until a university place seemingly became the catalyst to a more determined path of making his occupation that of a Writer. He published his first poetry book by Route at the Yorkshire Art circus for the TS Elliot prize. Contributions to other writers books followed & magazine articles on his passion of bare knuckle boxing reveal his extensive repertoire in his writing styles. Trouble free now for over a decade, his debut novel THE INK RUN finally shows the true depth of his talent.

Reviews ... 

The Ink Run by Dale Brendan Hyde is an accomplished debut; a lyrical & often poetic tome with an assured pace, & boldness in its own patois & turns of phrase. Hyde's almost Gothic flair redolent of the Victorian canon, is a plucky & driving presence. A strong grip on his characters & voice lends an equally jostling energy against the evocative & personal prose. I see The Ink Run finding a loyal & returning fan base. Mr Paul Van Carter, Award winning producer & writer of Churchill, Gascoigne, The Guv'nor.

This book exceeds most established Authors work. A true exploration & a work of Art in its own right. As a result of which, the only fictional novel I will ever be involved in. It was a true honor to paint the cover. I enjoyed my tumbledown the rabbit hole to paint this one as will any one who dares to read it. DEFELD, renowned London Artist.

A dark intimate story, beautifully constructed that rockets from the first chapter, plunging you deeper into great emotion that you feel from the bond within yourself & the characters. It only intensifies with each new page turned. An enthralling debut. Mr R Everett, London poet.